Hawthorn and Crump


Hawthorn and Crump were building contractors who were active in the years between 1897 and 1908. Colin Campbell Crump and John Thomas Hawthorn also traded as the Kensington Estate Company in partnership with property speculator Harry Crump from 1902 – c.1908, with the intent to develop land in Abel Smith and Kensington Streets, Te Aro. Both Colin Crump and John Thomas Hawthorn were involved in local politics and Colin Crump later became mayor of Onslow in 1914.

First & last known dates for advertisements by Hawthorn and Crump are; - LOCAL AND GENERAL. Evening Post, 22 May 1897, Page 4; Evening Post, 7 April 1908, Page 1
PERSONAL MATTERS Evening Post, 30 April 1914, Page 7
 Evening Post, 20 November 1902, Page 8


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