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Search help

Keyword Search searches the Name, Other Names, Address, Construction Date and Architect fields. When searching on address, the exact street address must be entered i.e. for 276-278 Cuba Street, 276 Cuba Street will not return any result. Searching on the name of the street (i.e. Cuba Street) will return all results on that street.

You can search using entire words or the first few letters of a word e.g. ‘staff’ will return buildings on Stafford Street.

You can search using multiple words but the database will only return records where those words occur next to each other in that order i.e. ‘paramount courtenay’ will not retrieve any results.

Clicking on Architects will return all the architects that are referred to in the database. The keyword search searches on the Architect Name field.

The Areas section of the database is under construction.

Clicking on Buildings will return all of the heritage buildings that are listed in the District Plan. Keyword Search searches the Name, Other Names, Address and Architect fields