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The City Engineer's Department played a key role in the development of Wellington. The City Engineer reported to the Town Clerk and was responsible for a number of officers and sub-departments. Over time these included the Sanitary Inspector, the Waterworks Department, the Waterworks Inspector, the City Surveyor, the Drainage Inspector, the Building Inspector, and Abattoir.

The first City Engineer was Nicholas Marchant who, along with running his own private practice, was employed by the Wellington Board of Works as City Surveyor. Marchant became City Surveyor and Waterworks Engineer for the newly formed Wellington City Council in 1870, and City Engineer from 1875-1878. He was followed by R. S. Rounthwaite (1899 to 1904); W H Morton (1904 to 1923); A J Paterson (1924 to 1926); G A Hart (1927 to 1935); K E Luke (1935 to 1952); F B C Jeffreys (1952 to 19630; G I B Thomas (1963 to 1964);  T S Roberts (1964 to 1972); A D Martin (1972 to 1978); George James Macdonald (1978 to 1982);  K M Dunning (1982 to ?) 


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